Sunday, 15 March 2020

'Itchin and Scratchin'- Postscript

Pinter Denzil Forrester
As a brief postscript to my last post I organised a trip to Nottingham Contemporary for my students to see ‘Itchin and Scratchin’ and they loved the exhibition too. One can never tell how these visits will go (the Jasper Johns exhibition at the RA a couple of years ago was a complete disaster for instance), but they were so engaged with Denzil’s work, the themes, the techniques, the dazzling colour and kaleidoscopic compositions, it was really heartening. I haven’t had such an excited response to an exhibition by students ever now I think about it. 
In the study room lots of the students were drawing each other across the table inspired by Denzil’s drawings and a video of him talking about his experience of drawing in nightclubs. Such a rich learning experience for them.

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