Sunday, 11 October 2015

Steeltown- 'Black Highway' at Cupola@Blue Moon Cafe, Sheffield

'Auto Portrait' and smaller works at Blue Moon Cafe, Sheffield
I was in Sheffield on Friday to install an exhibition of my paintings at last at the Blue Moon Café in association with Cupola Gallery. I say at last as the last few weeks have been pretty preoccupied with preparations for it. So it was great to throw things in the van and hit the M1 north. I went with my Dad as an extra pair of hands and welcome company. 
'Shudder' and 'Black Highway'
 The paintings were hung on wires on a picture rail, which were a bit fiddly to get things in position with at times, especially with trying to hang the work around the café clientele as well. I was lucky that the café was quiet in the afternoon after the lunchtime rush (I was not allowed to do anything until after 2pm), but the only two customers there were sat in really awkward spots for me to move around. I was rather foolishly too polite to ask them to shift, and they seemed to not even notice I was there with my big canvasses, so it was a little frustrating at times.  
 This guy wasn't moving for love nor money!
I was also frustrated that we eventually ran out of the hanging wires supplied by the gallery and I had to leave out three of my smaller paintings which I had had framed. I was disappointed about this, but still….I have a few more shows coming up where I can hopefully show them.  
  I’m pleased with these little paintings, as I struggle to make smaller works I’m happy with. Indeed, I called in Cupola Gallery on the way to pick up one of the larger paintings they had and some smaller framed drawings and paintings. One of the smaller paintings I now thought looked awful, and yet I had exhibited it in 2014 at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery. I guess it’s with the benefit of distance that I can see its weaknesses now.  I had actually decided this with other ones I had exhibited in the same show, and some of the canvasses in this show are painted over the ones from then. Re-use and recycle. 
 'Canal' and 'Silence'

I’m pleased with how the exhibition looks now it is up. I wonder what other’s reactions will be? Sadly, I couldn’t leave a comments book but I hope to hear a few things. Here are a few photos…If anyone fancies a visit, you can combine it with a lovely vegan meal at the café too, it’s on until December 8th.  
Blue Moon is right next to Sheffield Cathedral in a great spot in the city. Here is a link with the address: