Sunday, 13 January 2019

'The Sun Never Sets', Matthew Krishanu at Midlands Art Centre

Matthew Krishna, 'Boat', oil on canvas, 2018, 200 x 300cms
Wow. I loved seeing the exhibition of paintings by Matthew Krishanu. ‘The Sun Never Sets’, at the Midlands Art Centre in Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham today. What a skilled and daring painter. The paintings were very open and direct, very pared down in the drawing and the incredibly thinly applied oil paint, and executed with a tremendous precision and lack of fuss. Some of the drawing erred a bit on the clumsy side, but it wasn’t problematic, but most of it was very sensitive and beautifully observed, particularly when it came to the gestures and poses of the people depicted. Indeed, I came away very inspired and feeling more confident in my own mind about trying to return to a more direct way of painting as exemplified by Krishna, but also some larger scale work. If only I can find the lightness of touch and the feeling of air in his paintings. I’ll be visiting this show again.
'Skeleton', oil on canvas, 150 x 200cms, 2014
Here’s a link to his website, with details of the exhibition in the news section. He looks like he is a busy man this year with some interesting other shows this year, including one at Ikon Gallery in Birmingham:

Friday, 11 January 2019

Late Night Conversations...

A bit of late night drawing in my sketchbook…I don’t know why but there is something that still feels good about drawing in an old fashioned sketchbook and working on images, working through ideas…I think it is something about the intimacy of it…

This is a sketch of a bus stop at the airport. I’m trying to understand it’s structure and form more through the process of drawing and to see whether it has any potential to go further…There is something in the image of ‘waiting’ that the empty bus stop symbolises that resonates with me.