Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Wagon's Roll....

Current installation of my paintings at Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College

It’s been so hot today as I’ve been busy at the college I lecture at putting up our annual art department exhibition. It’s always quite an ambitious show for the level I teach at, namely A level and BTEC National Diploma, as we cram three large walls and a long corridor with artwork in a hanging style reminiscent of the Royal Academy summer exhibition. There will be a private view of the exhibition for the students and their parents and staff and governors on Thursday evening. This is all a lead in to our college Arts Festival on Saturday where I will be drawing portraits again amongst many other activities and stalls of art and craft. 

This year I will also be exhibiting some paintings, which I completed hanging late this afternoon. I will be displaying some of my lorry paintings in public for the first time. I decided to do this to ‘test the water’ if you like and see what people’s reactions were to them ahead of a few forthcoming exhibitions in the autumn and new year, which now includes one at Wolverhampton Art Gallery next March which I’m pleased to announce. So far the reaction has been really positive, which I’m obviously pleased about, and gives me some confidence to take these ideas further.   
  I completed some further small ones last week and have had them framed. These seem to complement the larger pieces, as well as being more accessible in price and scale should anyone be interested (!). 


I’m excited about it all now. Here are a few photos on this post of them installed at the college.Without realizing it I suddenly realized today that I'm building a whole new body of work. These are not all them either as I've just taken two others to a gallery for a competition.

(I’ve just realized on completing this post how narcissistic it must appear, as I’ve not shared any photos of my students work despite discussing it, only my own! I suppose the blog itself is inevitably a bit narcissistic though. Anyway, I’ll try and remedy this next week….)

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