Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A means to an end....

These are two further drawings based on the car wreck. 

Perhaps unsurprisingly I think very much in images and the power of images, and always have in my painting, but it’s certainly not the case that all painters do. I’m often very uncertain what draws me to a particular subject, however banal, and the drawings I make in different media are a great way of trying to dig out those reasons and unearth the image. Drawing is a useful tool to explore and pull out some of those feelings and sensations you first felt when encountering a subject and attempt to nail some of them down.

These charcoal drawings are all of very different views of the wreck. I feel compelled to keep drawing until I feel I find something that comes close to the sensations I originally felt and want to convey that I can then try and take into a painting. It’s always a painting I want to get to. The drawings are a means to this end.

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