Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Shaun Morris Paintings

'Tony', oil on canvas, 90 x 60cms, 2007
Well, here is a link at last to my new website:

I’ve been making it for weeks to replace this one, which anyone who views this blog will still be viewing, but you can now read the blog, which I am continuing, on both sites. Eventually, this website will cease to be after my annual fee to keep it online will run out, and only the new one will be available, which I am looking forward to, as currently if you type in my name on Google this site is at the top of the page and you have to do a fair bit of scrolling down to find the new one. Confused? Yeah, me too…!
'The Gap', oil on canvas, 150 x 100cms, 2012
I’m so glad to have a new website as my old one has been terribly out of date for some years now in terms of the work on it. It contains none of my motorway landscapes for instance, which have only been recorded on the blog, so I have not found it useful to refer interested parties to which sort of defeats the point of having a website if you are an artist. I’ve made this new website myself using Portfolio Box, which an artist recommended to me for its ease of use, which has proved true. Most importantly it allows me to update and change it at any time. I would recommend it. 
'The Death of Vinyl', oil on canvas, 240 x 300cms, 1995
‘Shaun Morris Paintings’ represents twenty years of my painting practice, so it is a lot more generous, and hopefully more interesting to browse. When I set up the old one I was keen to distance myself from all my older work for some reason. Perhaps feeling it was the work of my misspent youth or something like that, but in the time between I have become a lot more connected with it again, and view it as an important part of my long continuous journey in painting. I think this comes across in the website too. I hope you find it easy to use, and on each page there is a small ‘i’ above the row of images. If you click on this it will reveal some text about each body of work that you may find helps contextualize it. Click again to return to the images. Writing these has been the hardest job, but I’ve found looking back a really interesting exercise too. It has made some sense out of years of work and helped draw a line more positively under it.
 'Trinity', oil on canvas, 150 x 120cms, 2009

I can now look forward and get back in the studio knowing I have a clearer online identity for my work. It’s a good feeling.

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