Sunday, 23 August 2009

Too Much Monkey Business...

At the Elephant Enclosure:

Is he dead?
He looks dead. He isn’t breathing…
He’s not dead
His arse is as big as mine
No it ain’t

Or in the Monkey House:
Hey Dave, he looks like you, only not as ugly! (overheard several times. Replace name accordingly)
Look at his bum.
Oh no, he’s doing a poo…
Look Mom, he’s doing a poo!
Yes. Let’s go and look at the Giraffes…

These were just snippets of conversation I overhead last week, as I was drawing at Twycross Zoo. It was so busy with the school holidays in full force, it was quite difficult to find anywhere to draw. I’ve been more interested in trying to draw the animal enclosures themselves, rather than the animals, for some time. I particularly like the Gorilla House. It was only when I managed to find the one enclosure that was not occupied by a gorilla, that I completed the sketchbook drawing below.

This clean and tidy place was ‘their bedroom, and the messy one with gorilla’s in next to it was their living room’, according to two small children.

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