Monday, 3 August 2009

The Stu Morris Fun Run 2009

I’m pleased to say I managed to complete the 5K ‘Stu Morris Fun Run’ yesterday around Sandwell Valley, and I can still walk today. It was a great day, although very emotional at times. There were around 100 people, largely from Stu’s workplace, and friends and family and an estimated £2000 at least has been raised for The Willow Foundation so far. My wife, Diane and I (that's us limbering up in the photo above)have managed to raise about £630. I’ve been a bit overwhelmed by support from friends, and also work colleagues at Joseph Chamberlain Sixth Form College, who’ve organised cake days, and also donated artwork for a raffle at the recent Art Festival we held, alongside all the sponsorship. I’d just like to take the opportunity here to thank everyone who has supported me. It means a great deal.

Stu’s work, Sandwell Council, wish to make it an annual event now, and have also asked me whether I can help design and make a small award named after Stu to be presented each year to one of the team to recognise outstanding achievement at work. It will be nicknamed ‘The Moz’, as Stu was affectionately named. I feel very proud and a bit overwhelmed that people want to remember my younger brother this way. It seems to speak volumes about how he touched people’s lives.

Here’s a photo of me and Diane with my parents, and Stu’s wife, Emma, and son Brody at the front, with her family. All of us looking sweatily relieved after our run! And below that is a photo of me with my Dad.

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