Monday, 10 August 2009

Down on the Farm...

I had a lovely morning last week drawing at my friend Liz Monk’s farm near Bromsgrove. Liz has lots of Highland Cattle which I was particularly keen to draw, and spent my time perched on my stool in the middle of the field as these huge animals circled inquisitively around me. I did get a little nervous when they almost ate my sketchbook. The horns were rather big, but Liz assured me they were only being nosy.

I went with my photographer friend, Laura Gale, who specialises in animal photography. She took some excellent photographs, including the one above of me ignorant to the slowly advancing cows, including the very large bull. Who said you should never take your eye off the subject when drawing? Laura was a bit more prepared for the muddy conditions than me in her red wellies compared to my trainers. It made me smile later on when I went to find her in the sheep field. I arrived just to see a large flock of sheep come fleeing down the hill, swiftly followed by Laura in those red wellies with camera in one hand and large portable flash in the other. ‘I don’t think they like me’ she said. Here are some of Laura's photo's. I think they're great. They really capture life on Liz's family farm.

Chadwich Manor Farm is also the home to Liz’s ceramic studio and gallery. She is an excellent and very experienced ceramicist, and you can watch Liz at work as you browse the gallery. It’s a great set-up in this wonderful location. Here’s a link to Liz’s website:

I’m off to Twycross Zoo with Laura this week. I’ll keep you posted.

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