Thursday, 13 May 2010

The Return Of The MAC

I managed to get down to Cannon Hill Park today to visit the newly refurbished MAC (Midlands Arts Centre). It’s great to see the place open again, as it showcases such a huge variety of interesting, varied and alternative arts events. This includes live music, theatre, cinema, and exhibitions, as well as all the workshops and classes that it runs.

I have to be honest however, I was disappointed with the new refurb in relation to my own interest in the visual arts. There used to be about four different exhibition spaces, each with very different work at the same time. They weren’t great spaces, but they were used really well. I’ve seen some great photography, painting and textiles exhibitions over the years there, often in the same afternoon. But now there is only one exhibition space, The Arena Gallery, that was open-plan, which I suspect will limit the type of work shown. I felt pretty gutted. So, it was a welcome return to all the other stuff, but it felt like a loss for people like me who enjoy such exhibitions, and also a loss of opportunity for artists in the region to possibly show their work.
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