Sunday, 2 May 2010

Changes and Alterations...

White Daffodils in Red Round Vase,
oil on canvas, 120 x 120cms, 2010

After my recent 'Six Hours in the Studio' I decided to re-paint and alter that particular painting quite drastically. It's typical really and serves me right. I often have to live with a painting for a long time before I'm sure I want to share it with an audience, but here I am trying to keep the blog stimulating and varied for the occassional person who may stumble upon it.
I also thought those photos on that blog were a bit mechanical as a way of illustrating some aspects of my practise. A video would have been a much better idea...which I am incidently working on in relation to my 'Audience' commission at JCC. It's only been two years in the editing suite, and it's only going to be about twenty minutes, and I'm not sure it will be that thrilling even, but I'll keep you updated. I hope to post it on the website portfolio.

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