Wednesday, 6 January 2010

January 2010

Snow has fallen and hangs heavy on the trees. If I brush against the branches of the fir I’ll be buried. It’s deep as I walk, making my feet freeze. I look up at the icicles hanging from the porch as I rattle the key in the padlock and enter the cold studio. It’s January 2010. Welcome to the blog, with your host, Shaun Morris.

I’ve been listening to too much ‘Theme Time Radio Hour’…

I’m off work. I was sent home because of the bad weather. It’s nice to have some extra time in the studio. I’m ruminating. New Year’s resolutions. The same every year: do more work; get it seen by more people. Get a decent gallery behind me.

Since August 2009, I have actually had a decent gallery behind me; Tregoning Fine Art in Derby. It’s not come to much yet, with no sales. They are still interested in representing my work though, particularly the recent ‘nature’ paintings. ‘It’s about building a reputation, earning trust through sales’, says Phil Tregoning, the gallery owner. I’ve still a way to go here. I’m trying to find some wider representation for more of the work and Phil has given me a few useful pointers to some other possibilities.

That being said, commercial representation is just one avenue for the work. It’s pretty limited on many levels. I’m keen to get involved in more project work in the community or commissions and seek funding for some of these ideas.

A new year. As I sit here in the studio, a bigger question seems to loom. What work do I actually want to make?

There seems so many possibilities at the moment…so why do I feel so stifled by them?

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