Monday, 26 October 2009

Wayne Thiebaud at Faggionato Fine Art, London

I’m excited to see that American artist Wayne Thiebaud has an exhibition on in London at Faggionato Fine Art. You don’t often see his work over here, so I’m going to try and get down to see this show and view his paintings of iconic American confectionary and San Francisco landscapes ‘in the flesh’. I feel a deep affinity with Thiebaud’s approach to painting which an excerpt from the gallery’s Press Release below demonstrates:

‘Whether a nude, a landscape, or a still life of a man’s hat, the focus is the visual language the works all share…Known as, and frequently referred to, as a ‘painter’s painter’, Thiebaud is less concerned with a naturalistic depiction or a true likeness of his subject, but more interested in solving formal issues. The artist explains: ‘Painting is a series of problems that you are trying to solve-base, colour, design, composition and those intrinsic characteristics, rather than all the things that happen afterwards extrinsically- expressions, individualism, subject matter, iconography. It’s all important, but first and foremost for me is the formal plan’

.…For all its bright modernity Thiebaud’s art readily pays homage to past traditions. While his brushwork is readily influenced by the action and colour field painters, the compositional arrangements look back to Chardin, Manet, Georgio Morandi and Edward Hopper, amongst other heroes’

Follow the link for more details. The show runs until December 18th.

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