Friday, 9 October 2009

Maisie Crow and The Soul of Athens

I was recently pointed in the direction of the work of photographer Maisie Crow by a photographer friend. She’s produced some really powerful photography, such as the one above,and video work, including this one I’ve linked to at the brilliant ‘Soul of Athens’ website. ‘A Life Alone’ is about an elderly guy called Tom Rose, who talks openly and movingly about losing his wife after being married for sixty three years.
I also really enjoyed ‘Lost in Plain Sight’, a series of photographs based on a series of individuals who are not part of the mainstream because of certain choices made or circumstance. They are accompanied by some really interesting notecards by the individuals themselves. I’m not keen on things being too spelled out for me, and these cards hit just the right note between saying so much and yet leaving a space for the audience to enter the story.

Follow the two links to Maisie’s website and the ‘Soul of Athen’s’ one. There is so much to explore at the latter. Thanks to Rachel for the tip-off...

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