Tuesday, 8 January 2019

(therapy) by Andrew Smith, Evesham Arts Centre

Happy New Year! In need of some art therapy to soothe your troubled soul in these interminably difficult times? Well, last year you weren’t going to find much of it in my gloomy paintings when they were hung at Evesham Arts Centre, but if you visit there in the next two months you might enjoy the paintings, photographs and prints and multiple combinations of these in an exhibition by my friend and fellow artist, Andrew Smith in a show he has suitably called…wait for it…’(therapy)’.
I helped him hang it on Saturday, and even though I am admittedly biased a bit, I think it looks great, and so did the smattering of people who walked through as we were busy putting the work up. The work is witty and clever, puzzling and beguiling, but more than all this just visually very exciting. How does he do it?
I really enjoyed seeing some new collage on pizza and vegetable boxes pieces (yes, indeed), and new photographs, but also I enjoyed seeing in a new context some of the larger coloured in drawings recently on display in the group show we were in in Nottingham, and other older pieces
Get yourselves down to Evesham Arts Centre between now and the first week of March to see for yourself…you can then follow this with a drink at one of the many fine hostelries to be found along the river.  

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