Friday, 2 December 2016

New Painting 19

oil on canvas, 21 x 30cms, 2016

....something begins to happen

So, I tell myself I want to make 20 new paintings as autumn moves into winter. I feel like I haven't painted much all year. I got tied down with the three large canvasses I worked on for several months earlier in the year. I need to feed my gnawing need to paint so I take the scale right down. I do this because I also want to try and move the work on into new territories. Cast my net a bit wider. Make more and varied work. Experiment and work through some of the images and ideas I have been accumulating for the last two years. See where it may go. Not over analyse things, let things develop through the process of the painting. 

Some of the paintings seem to stand up really well, others seem more like studies for further ideas or larger works.  I haven't enjoyed myself so much with my painting for a long time and new, exciting things are beginning to open up.  For a while I was almost on a roll. It would be nice to get to number 20 before the end of the year. 

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