Thursday, 31 March 2016

New Edition

Drypoint etching

I was lucky enough to find that Santa (or my wife) brought me a small etching press for Christmas, and this is my first successful print pulled on it. It’s a drypoint etching, and has taken me some time to create: from a detailed cross-hatched drawing, to engraving it on the plate, to then exploring the process of inking and wiping to create a strong print on this new press. It’s taken a few attempts to get anything decent, after much fiddling with the settings on the press, trying different inks, getting the paper the right dampness etc, but last night I finally printed this one. I’m pretty pleased with it.

I have shared a nice day today with my artist friends, Andrew Smith and Hugh Marwood when we visited a new artist gallery and studio, The Artists Workhouse, in Studley, Worcestershire, which is just 25 minutes from Birmingham, with a view to working together to stage an exhibition at the gallery there. We had a good meeting with artist-in-residence and the person responsible for setting up The Artists Workhouse, Dawn Harris and have set a date for the first two weeks in September for an exhibition. I’m really excited by it and am looking forward to planning it with Hugh and Andy over the next few months. 


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