Wednesday, 12 August 2015


oil on canvas, 100 x 150cms, 2015

Before I went away I painted this new painting based on one of my drawings of the car wreck that I have previously posted about. I spent some time this week adjusting and refining some parts of it. Since painted it it has evoked some uncomfortable feelings about taking this particular drawing into painting and how the image has become a full-blown technicolour, visceral and physical depiction of the aftermath of violence and possibly death, despite not knowing anything about the history of events that bought this car in this state to the kerbside.. It’s all in the not knowing though, and the associations and emotions the image projects or has projected onto it. These are not sensations I’ve been used to working with before, and I’m not sure I like being here. I feel rather naïve in my lack of anticipation about all of this.

My wife, Diane said I should stick to painting the lorries. I think she may be right.

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