Wednesday, 31 December 2014

On Any Given Day....

It’s New Years Eve and I’m coming to the end of a busy but enjoyable Christmas break spent with my family. I was watching ‘Toy Story 3’ the other night with the kids, and, never having seen it before, was really struck by the level of detail and the accuracy of it’s depictions in the creation of this world within a world of children’s toys and imaginations. I often enjoy occasionally stopping to look around the frequent chaos of our home which is thanks largely to the children’s toys scattered about the place. 
  I love following the trail of colourful plastic and coming across allsorts of weird, often surreal, juxtapositions of different inanimate objects and their unusual colours, forms and sizes. This evening I spent fifteen minutes to take a few photos around the home to demonstrate this, and say that these photographs represent the sort of scenerios which occur, in my experience, on any given day when you have young children with too many toys….There is a project there I tell my students, but they never listen. I can assure you none of these photos were contrived, they were just as I found them
  It’s been another busy year for my painting practice. Although I would have liked to make more work, I now feel pretty primed to launch myself into some exciting new things with a clearer head in 2015, after what feels like quite a period of experimentation. 
  Still, I’ve been in five exhibitions this year, including a fairly large solo one, “Black Highway’ at Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery in January. I’m currently in a Christmas group show at Cupola Gallery in Sheffield called ‘Delicious’, as well as the West Midlands Open 2014. The experiences I have had so far with Cupola have pleasingly and hopefully seen me taking the first steps towards the presentation of my work into welcome, newer, commercial opportunities, an ambition I wanted to fulfill at the start of the year. Developing this is something I want to continue in 2015, and I know building relationships with these sort of galleries will take a long time, but I have alot more insight into this than I did at the start of the year. 
  I still want to continue with my own artist-led projects though, and the freedom this allows, and am hoping to do more with Indigo Octogan Projects, as well as hopefully participating in another ‘By The Way’ exhibition with Nottingham based group Land Lies Fallow, which we are planning for next December in Birmingham. I also want to do much more with my smaller works on paper and printmaking and get these out to other galleries and perhaps art fairs. And so on and so on....! I'm never short of ideas for the work, just time.
  It’s good to have a plan. It’s even more interesting when things stray from the plan. We’ll see how it goes. Happy New Year!
  (Santa on the stairs sums me up on any given day, and certainly at the end of 2014)

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