Friday, 9 May 2014


I made this small study in oil on paper based on some photos taken at a large transport depot underneath the M5 outside Oldbury. In it’s view of the rear of some large articulated goods lorries seen through the railings. Everything is half seen or cut-off and in this way it seems to assert the abstract geometric shapes; the squares, triangles, rectangles, in the recent things I’ve been making. These qualities seemed to present themselves more during the painting and the more careful looking required.
 Elizabeth O'Reilly, 'Red Container', oil on panel, 18''x17'', 2007

It’s a bit clumsy and heavy-handed, but reminded me a bit (in my dreams) of the paintings of Irish American painter Elizabeth O’Reilly (above). I admire her modest paintings a great deal, enjoying their direct lightness of touch and the vitality in the mark making, as well as the urban, off-the track subject matter of course.  
'Green Trailer', oil on panel, 16''x15'', 2007
 She’s a friend and former student of painter Lois Dodd, which makes sense, and apparently they often go on painting excursions together. Wish I could join them…

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