Monday, 28 April 2014


I completed this canvas with the paint left over from the painting in the previous post. It’s a view from heather covered hills leading up to the North Sea on the coast of Denmark. It’s my first painting of Scandinavia that I’m actually pleased with. The dark tones were quickly washed in in about ten minutes over a very colourful, and pretty dreadful, version of the scene on a canvas that had been sitting in the studio for over a year.  In simplifying it all it seemed to suddenly take shape and somehow speak to me.  
It’s very different from these other studies I’ve been working on in oil on paper, which are an attempt to develop further the language and ideas from the larger painting in the last post. I have a larger canvas stretched and ready to try it on a larger scale, but I’m not sure….these paintings almost seem like ‘Black Highway’ the Remix, although I quite like that idea.
I was out with my camera one of the evenings last week taking photographs of a large transport depot underneath the M5, which generated lots of new ideas.

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