Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Paper and Scissors and Glue

Collage, 15 x 20cms
At work I collect all the off-cut strips from the student’s paintings and prints trimmed off on the guillotine. I like the seemingly random marks and textures left behind, and scoop them up and throw them in a box, and occasionally encourage the students to use them in collage or by working on top of them. Lately, I’ve made a few collages myself from these, inspired by some sketchbook drawings I’ve been working on of factories overlooking the canal.   
Collage, 15 x 27cms
Collage, 27 x 15cms
The collaged strips of paper are generating some interesting ideas about representing some of the factories structural forms in a slightly more imaginative way.   

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Hugh Marwood said...

I'm liking these, Shaun. They suggest loads of possibilities and I can see some of the same things I like about your painting 'Curtain' in them.