Friday, 6 July 2012

The Edgelands #2: David Rayson

David Rayson,
'From Ash Park to Wednesfield',
acrylic on canvas, 2003
‘’In our local shopping precinct there are a few general stores, a play-park and just by the underpass is the off-licence, which seems to be open all hours.

Tomorrow if I go out those things will mostly still be there, there will be some changes, cars parked in slightly different places, a lot of the litter will have been cleared up and replaced by new litter, and the curtains down the street will have moved. People who work who will have left their houses empty, in others the lights will be on.

Whether I’m inside or out, everything seems to be continually unravelling and becoming more unreal. I’m drawing out these things in an attempt to make sense of everything and to celebrate my everyday fantastic’.

David Rayson, 2009, born Wolverhampton 1966


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Anonymous said...

Wonderful imagery.