Friday, 29 June 2012

The Edgelands: Robert Perry

View South West From Turner's Hill, 
oil on board, 120 x 240cms

I’m keen to document other artists that explore the so-called ‘edgelands’ landscape, and so I’m going to start an ongoing series of occasional posts on the blog. 

These paintings, above and below, are by well- known local West Midlands painter, Robert Perry, RBSA. He works entirely on location from his transit van which doubles as his studio, and as well as his scenes of his native Black Country, Rob regularly traveIs in it across Europe to paint and draw the battlefields of France and the mountains of Spain and Italy. I’ve been priviledged to have a look around this legendary van, and it is quite a spartan affair considering he travels for thousnads of miles sleeping as well as working in it. These panoramic views of Dudley and the Black Country seem a good place to start this occasional series….

View of Dudley at Night, 
oil on board, 120 x 240cms

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