Wednesday, 30 May 2012

More Crap...

Here are a couple of new still lives. Looking at this ever increasing set of paintings on the studio floor last night, I’ve decided to push on and commit to making a lot more and to exhibit them at this year’s annual Arts Festival we hold in the college where I work.

I’ve been allocated a space where I was going to display a range of my ‘Edgelands’ studies and drawings, but I don’t really feel ready for this. I more feel the need to really do something with these still lives, try and make another 20 in the next month, and to hopefully explore it all with a bit more purpose and depth, and get it out of my system. I then want to then exhibit them as a big collection on the wall. Discussing the work for the first time with colleagues at work today seemed to garner a positive response, which helps me feel a bit more confident about the idea.

In exhibiting them publicly for the first time, I hope to somehow link them in more closely with my ‘Edgelands’ theme. In my original proposal I had discussed the idea of still lives based on things found on the locations that attract me, and this seems to be increasingly emerging with these pieces: the empty, discarded and mundane detritus left behind in the motorway service station, the out of town shopping mall or retail park. 

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