Friday, 13 January 2012


'Styrofoam Cups', oil on canvas, A4 size

‘Can you save your cup? Or get me one of those cardboard cup holders you had before?' I found myself asking my wife, Diane, this morning. She had told me she was going to stop off for a take away coffee on the way to work. I feel like I’m getting a bit obsessive about collecting bits of disposable packaging for these little still lives at the moment. We had lunch at the supermarket the other day, and as we were leaving I found myself furtively wrapping up the tiny milk cartons you get for your drink in a napkin and stuffing them in my pocket. Diane just gave me a look that said it all.

And to be honest, I’m not even sure why I’m painting them. I’m enjoying doing them, that’s true. I enjoy just painting from direct observation like this. But a big part of me thinks that they look just look like exercises done in a painting class, which feels wrong. Yet, one wouldn’t really paint these things, it would be flowers in vases, bowls of fruit. Unless you came to my class that is, where I’ve had the students painting these things too…with some good results…I think its’ best not to think too deeply. It will fizzle out on its own. I feel like I’m just sort of digging around, gently trying to excavate something.

I’m also obsessively playing ‘Diamond Mine’ by King Creosote and John Hopkins at the moment too. What a beautiful record. We’re off to see them at Warwick Arts Centre at the end of the month. Can’t wait…maybe there will be some good disposable packaging in the bar….

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