Wednesday, 7 December 2011

You Get So Alone It Just Makes Sense

Hours spent in the studio have been a bit scarce lately, but I enjoyed a long day there the other day, working into the evening quite compelled and lost in my own little world. This world happened to be the world of my studio, as I painted a couple of small still lives of some of the ephemera I keep about that interests me. I’ve been collecting what I call ‘crapola’ for a while now: disposable coffee cups; cup holders; paper bags; bits of packaging. They serve as reminders of my many hours spent drinking coffee on my own, often travelling between places. If it doesn’t sound too fanciful, they can often serve to remind me of a sense of dislocation and alienation I often feel too, and the objects are carriers of some of these feelings…as well as just being interesting things to paint…

I painted this ice-cream cup and this small, dirty jar from the studio that I had used to clean my paint brushes. I also re-painted the backgrounds to several other small paintings like these, trying different colour combinations with the yellow of the table the objects sit on. I just like to work on things like these occasionally, and think maybe something bigger may emerge from it one day. Maybe. I enjoyed myself anyway and that’s enough.

I had gone to the studio with different intentions but sometimes you’ve just got to go where you’ve got to go….it’s nothing to do with me.

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