Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Endless Highway...

'Stolen Car', charcoal and pastel on paper, A2 size

This drawing above seems to exemplify those abstract elements discussed in the last blog post more clearly. As I do more of these and get used to the charcoal and pastel I’m beginning to think more about the formal qualities I want from them and make decisions around this.

Seeing them all on the studio floor and how they relate to each other is pretty exciting. There seems to be a real dynamism emerging from the big black shapes that dominate the compositions.

I watched with the students a documentary on David Hockney’s recent Yorkshire landscapes today. Seeing all the original paintings he made ‘en plein air’, before he went on to make those multi-panelled bigger pieces, I was really struck by their scale as he arranged them in his LA studio. Size is at the forefront of my thinking at present as I mull over how to take my own drawings into paint. I had thought that they should be really large, but seeing Hockney’s pieces, in combination with Kline re-entering my head, I’m now not so sure. They need to be large, but maybe not that large…

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