Tuesday, 12 April 2011

'Alfie', 'Tony' and 'Suzan'...

I installed three more of my ‘Seek My Face’ portraits in Sandwell today. I hung ‘Alfie’ and ‘Tony’ in the office of Councillor Simon Hackett at the Council House in Oldbury. Simon is an old friend of mine who I have known most of my life. I also hung ‘Suzan’ in the office of Councillor Anne Shackleton. I’m enjoying seeing them installed in these different locations. It gives a different context and dimension to the work than the usual white gallery walls where I normally exhibit, and they seem to hold their own too in these spaces, which is pleasing.

I also think it is good to see large paintings in quite small rooms and observe how these can work in these spaces, as most people are put off by the scale, and can’t envisage living with such large pieces themselves. I have some of my own very large paintings up in my home and I think they look great (but I suppose I have to say that!). I was ably assisted today by my fourteen year old nephew, Oliver (pictured) who seemed to enjoy himself. I certainly enjoyed having him along. He’s helping me install three more in my old school on Friday, which I think will be much trickier as they are going to be high up. Follow this blog….

Below are some photos of the pantings I recently sold to Great Places Housing Projects in Manchester too. The photos show them in their new home, which is modern Sheltered Housing accommodation. It’s great to see these in their new home, and again the photographs hopefully illustrate how well large paintings can work in these different locations.

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