Monday, 24 January 2011

Close Encounters Of The Painting Kind...

The time issue I discussed in my last blog entry manifests itself in all sorts of funny ways I found myself thinking today. I’m reminded that someone in my position thinks more about the art they are trying to make more than actually making it, when this afternoon I found myself obsessively absorbed in playing with my two year old son’s colourful building blocks. I was trying out different colour combinations in different sizes and sequences in relation to a painting I’m hoping to tackle later this week. I was meant to be playing with him. No wonder he got bored and wandered away from my slightly manic and pathetic behaviour.

Richard Dreyfuss’s character in ‘Close Encounters Of The Third Kind’ came to mind later as I sat at the dinner table staring at my tea of Shepherd’s Pie. The way he obsessively started to play firstly with his own mashed potato, and then with increasingly bigger lumps of clay and earth as he tried to make real the ‘Devil’s Mountain’ visions that filled his mind. I love that whole idea in what is one of my favourite films. Not sure I want to be that character though….

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