Thursday, 22 July 2010


...and this is Anwar, who posed for me earlier today. This is at my request. Anwar is another student at JCC who is from Etritia. He is a big bear of a guy with a very sculptural and complex face.

I found this drawing much more difficult, and I'm not sure about it at this stage. I think I overworked it, but I think I can develop it further in another study, perhaps in charcoal. When drawing from observation the sitters head tends to move a little over time. This can be seen in this drawing, where the planes of the face appear a little flattened and distorted as the angle of the head has shifted slightly. And yet Anwar has a very unusual face, which is why I was keen to draw him which I need to remember. You see these faces everyday, but you don't 'look' in the same way that a drawing forces you to do. I'd like to think a large painting can be made of Anwar, but I think there is alot of work to do beforehand to develop this study. I'll pin it on the studio wall, and live with it a while...

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