Friday, 5 February 2010

Magic Moments...

…you turn to load the brush once more with pigment, turning slightly away from the painting momentarily, turn back to it once more to make one more mark and then you suddenly realise…oh… it’s done. Completed. In that moment you turned away it seems to have completed itself without your knowing. You can’t see what needs doing anymore. And it’s not because you don’t know what to do, it’s because it just doesn’t need anything more.

I’ve been painting all afternoon and had one of those rare moments today. I’d been really struggling with it, but then it sort of revealed itself. It all sounds a bit mystic doesn’t it, and it sort of is, but I just hope it doesn’t sound pretentious. Those who paint, or those who create anything, will know what I mean…Whether it’s actually any good or not, well, that’s a different question…

I had a good day yesterday too. I was in London with the students at JCC visiting the National Portrait Gallery and the V & A Museum. I particularly enjoyed the Tudor portraits at the NPG. I really like the awkward, stiff poses, and a flatter, more graphic look to many of the sitters. Many of the artists are anonymous, which adds to the almost naïve, folk art quality of many of the portraits (I’m not sure why the artists are anonymous, as they are paintings of such famous historical figures, but have a suspicion that I should do)

Catherine of Aragon,
Unknown Artist
oil on canvas, 90 x 60cms, 2005
These paintings, and other early Medieval portraits, have always been a big influence on my own portraits, over more modern inspirations.

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